Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Terrorism is not 'Islamic fascism'

Really? Ok, is it safe to say that "Islamic fascists" are terrorists?
Sen. Russ Feingold is right that President Bush and others should stop calling terrorists "Islamic fascists."
"Call them whatever you want - monsters, butchers - but the use of the term 'Islamic fascist' puts the name of Islam. . . in an exceptionally negative light," the Wisconsin Democrat said last week.
Sorry Russ, they've already done that themselves.
The term is "insulting and extremely unwise," Feingold added. It suggests that Islam condones villainous actions, such as the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks.
Ummm... haven't seen anything to the contrary.
Many Muslims feel slighted by the pairing of Islam with fascism - a dictatorial governmental system that suppresses criticism and opposition and emphasizes nationalism and racism. Fascism was not a religious movement.
Then maybe they should stand up against the Islamofascists.
Denigrating Islam by linking it to fascism also is a strategic mistake by American leaders. Such terminology will not help the United States win friends among Muslims the world over. Instead, it will add to mistrust.
Like it matters what we do? We can bow and scrape, and it won't make a bit of difference. THEY WANT US DEAD! Pay attention Feingold! You're Jewish...they want YOU dead even more!
To Bush and other administration officials, "Islamic fascists" may be an easy description to spin out in speeches. But it's neither accurate nor wise.
Seems accurate to me. And no one has ever accused me of being "wise".
The word "terrorists" better describes hatred-fueled individuals who kill and maim innocents. They are not guided by a religion that propagates peace and brotherhood, or that respects human life.
Peace? Uh huh...
Bush should stop using the inflammatory rhetoric and instead show Muslims that their religion is respected in America.
Suck up! H/T: Charlie Sykes