Friday, September 08, 2006

A Personal Opinion

Well, of course this is a personal is, after all, MY blog. :) I've been reading articles about the state of things in Milwaukee, and the opinions expressed on many of the blogs. A little girl is shot, a young man is shot, another little girl is raped, and the fingers are pointing all over the place. Chief Nan Haggerty says "we have a societal crisis". Mayor Tom Barrett is saying the city is not in crisis but faces "huge challenges". Where should the fingers be pointing? Well, directly at the people of Milwaukee, who have allowed this crap to go on way too long. The communities who are not policing themselves, the parents who aren't raising their kids to be decent law abiding citizens, and the so called community leaders who are always whining and complaining that something needs to be done, but do absolutely NOTHING. As a society, we have become our own worst enemy and WE need to do something. Haven't we learned a bloomin' thing from the past? Mayor Ray Nagin is blaming the Bush administration for his own inaction. Why? The people of New Orleans are complaining that no one came to help. Now Milwaukee is doing the same sort of thing, but instead of drowning in water, they are drowning in the blood of children. Here's a thought.... get up off your lazy ass and start doing for yourself. What on earth has made us think that some government entity is going to come and save us from what we, ourselves, have created? Start a "community watch" organization, get kids involved in something other than blasting their (and your) eardrums with music that promotes violence, teach by example. It's NOT someone else's problem! It's all of our problem, and WE need to fix it. No matter what city you live in, there are problems that can be solved with action. Nothing has ever been resolved by sitting back, and hoping that someone else will fix it for you.