Wednesday, October 11, 2006


I'm extremely disappointed! Rep. Frank Lasee is backing down? Lasee alters school guns plan
Rep. Frank Lasee is sticking to his guns. Sort of. The Bellevue Republican said Tuesday he's modifying his proposal to allow school employees trained in gun safety to bring weapons to school, an idea he floated last week in response to a spate of school shootings in Wisconsin and elsewhere. After hearing reaction both positive and negative to his proposal, Lasee said he now plans to introduce a bill that would allow school staff to have guns at school but only if they're locked in a cabinet or safe. He said he changed his proposal because "people have a real concern about kids getting ahold of the guns, so this would make it safer."
I can see it now. "Please, Mr. Evil Badguy, can you wait till I go to the office to get my gun before shooting the students?"
"I see no way that another firearm would have protected us or our students," Ronald Jasper wrote in a letter to the Wisconsin State Journal. "Lasee's way of doing things could have led to a gun battle in a crowded hallway with nowhere for the students and teachers to go for safety. I'll guarantee guns are not the answer."
Ummm.... what was the question again? Oh yeah, something about KIDS GETTING KILLED!
Lasee said he knew the idea would be "politically incorrect" and "controversial," but he believes it has kick-started a needed discussion on how to make Wisconsin schools safer. Lasee said he invites "everyone who is shooting at my proposal to put their own ideas on the table."
I love "politically incorrect", not that stupid show, the reality. Obviously. I've yet to see any ideas put forth that would come close to deterring the violence we've seen in our schools lately. Frank had a great idea, but now he's allowing it to be watered down by the PC crowd. I have to disagree with Mark Green on this one.