Wednesday, October 11, 2006


If you watch the Doyle ads, and think he's being truthful, then you are not following what's been going on very closely. Doyle says he's always been against illegal aliens and even sent National Guard to help patrol the border. I'm not sure, but I think he probably did it because all the other states were sending Guardsmen, so it would look bad if he didn't as well....not to mention it's an election year. In this week's "Green Sheet", there's a sentence...."Jim Doyle actually set up a plan to give illegal immigrants home loans", with link and all. Wisconsin Program Helps Illegal Aliens Get Mortgages I'm guessing we aren't suppose to remember this sort of thing.
The Wisconsin mortgage program follows the lead of the Internal Revenue Service ( search), which gives out individual taxpayer identification numbers, or I-TINS, largely to people in the United States illegally so that they can legally pay income tax. Wisconsin is now allowing I-TINS to be used where Social Security numbers would normally be required.
Ummm....the key word here is ILLEGAL! First off, they're breaking the law by being here. Second, they are breaking the law by actually working in this country. Third, they are breaking the law....period! Also, the IRS is breaking the law, as I understand it, along with the person who actually hired the illegal.
So far, about 150 mortgages totaling more than $16 million have been granted to Wisconsin I-TIN holders.
That was in August of 2005. How many more millions have gone to grant home ownership to people who shouldn't be allowed to apply for such a loan? It really annoys me that my daughter and son in law can't get such a loan, even though they were both born here, speak English, and work very hard to get ahead. So, Governor Doyle, tell me again how you DON'T support illegals? And that doesn't even begin to cover the illegal voting. Don't get me started!