Wednesday, October 25, 2006

CNN Caves to Mother Moonbat

Sheehan's Legal Threat Led CNN to Censor Me, Author Says Isn't CNN the station who has James Earl Jones (sexy voice) saying "The most trusted name in news"?
CNN restricted an on-air discussion about a new book dealing with the Iraq war because peace activist Cindy Sheehan threatened to sue over provocative claims about her in the book, one of its co-authors claims. "American Mourning" examines how the death of two U.S. soldiers in Iraq affected their families. One of the two is the Sheehan family. Co-author Melanie Morgan told Cybercast News Service she was slated to appear on CNN's Headline News' "Glenn Beck" program last week and that a producer told her it would be a short segment, focusing on passing claims in the book regarding Sheehan's personal life. Morgan said she replied: "OK, fine, whatever," and continued on the promotional tour for the book, which deals with the families of Casey Sheehan of Vacaville, Calif., and Justin Johnson of Rome, Ga., friends who were killed within five days of each other in separate ambushes in Sadr City, Iraq, during April 2004. While en route to CNN studios to tape the interview, however, Morgan received another call from the producer telling her that the segment would now deal with "everything but the sex issues."
Free speech is only free if it's the libs "free speech".
Sheehan in the radio interview called Moy and Morgan "hate-mongers" engaged in "yellow journalism." "These people are using our tragedy for profit," she charged. "They always accuse me of exploiting Casey's death for profit, and what are they doing?"
That's pretty amusing coming from the likes of Sheehan!