Wednesday, October 25, 2006

This Ain't Right!

I don't think a good chunk of people have a clue just how dangerous harvesting eggs is to women. Chicks Protect Their Eggs Cloning is a women'’s issue.
That'’s the response Jennifer Lahl says she gets "“over and over again"” when she talks to people about "“the women'’s health and safety"” concerns at the heart of the debate over embryonic-stem-cell research and cloning. (See Hands Off Our Ovaries) Already routine at fertility clinics, egg donation is an unpleasant process that includes prodding and surgery; "“donors"” (sometimes highly paid) are given hormones to ensure they produce more than the routine monthly amount of eggs -— more means a better shot at success. This largely unregulated industry (an estimated $38 million one) has paid little attention to the potential long-term harm from such hyperstimulation. As two bioethicists from Stanford declared last year in an article in Science magazine, at a minimum women should be made aware both that the risks include infertility and even death and that their "“donations,"” in the case of embryonic-stem-cell research and cloning, may never actually contribute to a cure for anything.
And Governor Doyle thinks this is ok? I don't think so! (An aside - my dad had Parkinsons.)