Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Gay Affirmative Action?

Admissions edge for LGBT applicants?
Since the institution of affirmative action more than 40 years ago, American colleges have been working to diversify their campuses, increasing the likelihood of enrollment for students who have suffered discrimination or economic hardship. Two weeks ago, Middlebury College took this process one step further, implementing a policy through which students who identify themselves as gay will receive the same benefits in the admissions process as ethnic minorities, athletes and legacies. While no college has yet matched Middlebury's policy, several, such as Claremont McKenna and Loyola University in New Orleans, are seriously considering it.
I'm no big fan of affirmative action. I believe people should succeed on their own merit. I'm all for having no race or gender listed on ANY application. This is one of those ideas who time should NEVER come!
"In terms of the admissions process, we give students every consideration if they have a diverse background including students who are gay, or who may be involved in LGBT groups in their high schools, communities or national organizations."
I wonder if they give the same consideration to kids who are members of Christian groups. I'm not saying they don't, but......
"I don't think LGBT students have been marginalized in the same way that other groups have," LGBT Center Director Debbie Bazarsky said. "There are LGBT students of all ethnic and socioeconomic backgrounds."
Wise kid! I'm old, I can call her a kid.
Some LGBT students also are concerned about the effects such a policy could have. "People tend to question your merit when you are a minority or your parents graduated from a school," said Yujhan Claros '10, who is gay. "I don't know if I want that for the LGBT community."
Unfortunately, that question is asked of other groups too..."Did he/she get preferential treatment because...."
One potential problem with the policy is the difficulty of filtering out straight students who check the box just to earn an extra edge. Bazarsky, however, thought this wouldn't be an issue.
Like I said, remove all those little boxes. H/T: Singular Values