Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Spanish Blogger Charged

As an American, and a blogger, I'm flabberghasted by the idea that anyone can be charged with expressing their opinion. I was under the impression that Spain was, more or less, a democracy, or at least it use to be. I guess I was wrong.
Two years ago the mayor of the municipality coruñes of Oleiros, that is in addition friend to Fidel Castro, organized a campaign with public money, against the democratic state of Israel. In the occasion of that I sent an email mainly planteándo him my opinion that. Today a citation has arrived me from the court of the penitentiary where it is mentioned to me to declare like imputed “TO BE IN FAVOR OF ISRAEL AND AGAINST the PALESTINIAN TOWN” What opinais? (Excuse the translation, I used SYSTRAN, but you get the idea.)
Arrested for supporting Israel? That is so wrong! How long will it be before this starts happening in the U.S. H/T: Infidel Bloggers Alliance