Saturday, October 21, 2006

A Good Day

I've been spending the last few hours just trying to get to Blogger, and FINALLY....success. Now, I'm so bloomin' tired I can't remember what I was going to say. :) I went to Kenosha County RP's shindig this afternoon. It was a good time. Many speakers, tasty tidbits and some interesting wines and ciders. I got my brother in law Bob Long's autograph. No offense Packer fans, I have NO idea who he is. :) But that's doesn't matter, I'm sure he'll know...big time Packer fanatic. My biggest complaint....why doesn't District 6 have a terrific congressman like Paul Ryan? Now, don't get me wrong, I like Petri, he's a nice guy. I just happen to be a whole lot more conservative than he is. The main event was Ken Mehlman, RNC chairman. He's a darn good speaker, and served to remind us why we vote our values. I would have loved to ask him to get the Republicans back in line, to do what we voted them into office to do...get spending under control for one thing! Democrats do actually have a message or something similar. The difference is Republicans have a message AND the method to achieve.
Ken Mehlman & lots of signs
Being the pushy ol' broad that I am, I of course had to have my picture taken as Mr. Melhman was leaving, but I didn't get to ask him my question. :(
Ken Mehlman & the Chia
Sami, Scott Walker, and....ummm... I have no idea
Bless her heart, Jean Hundertmark drove all the way from Green bay to come to this event. She had been attending a dedication for a church up there, sitting in the pews with the regular folk. The Democrats separated themselves. Tells you a lot of "them" and us. We actually ARE important enough for our candidates to consider themselves "one of us". Cool huh!
Jean and the pun'kins
Those attending didn't need the reminder, although there seem to many who do. War was declared on us (the West) in 1972, and we didn't declare war on them until we finally had a Commander in Chief strong enough to step up and declare war on them on September 12. All in all, it was a good day! Thanks Kathy & Deb, for the invite!