Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Happy Tuesday!

It's a yucky day. No problem, other than the fact I have to walk across the street to get my toes done. Living in a small town has some serious advantages, like paying half for a pedicure than is charged in larger cities. :) While I was making my coffee and feeding the four legged children, I was thinking. (Yes, I actually do that on occasion, even if it does make my brain ache.) I was listening to the radio while doing these morning tasks and heard how bad the traffic is down in the Milwaukee area. Sorry to hear that. I turn on the idjit box and hear that the President is going to have a press conference soon. Iran is rattling it's saber, evidently emboldened by the recent temper tantrum thrown by the Chia Dic-tator of NK. I read a letter to the editor in the Distorter how the federal deficit is all Bush and Congressman Petri's fault. I'm considering going back to bed. Hmmm..... nah!