Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Letter to Editor

Normally, I would have posted this letter to the editor this morning. However, there was a mistake, so I contacted the author, and he argrees, he made a boo boo. :) I'm posting it now, because it's still an important issue. Shoot, it's going to be important until the problem gets fixed...which means we seriously need a new governor, new lieutenant governor and new attorney general. Don't let 'double voters' steal yours
It is time for all the good and decent people of Wisconsin to stand up on Nov. 7 and say, "I will not have my vote stolen again by the likes of Donavan Riley." Donavan Riley is the Democrat Senate candidate from Milwaukee who is now being prosecuted for voting at least twice in the 2000 election. His defense: "I might have made a mistake." As a result, my vote did not count in 2000. In the 2000 elections, a woman worth over $700 million dollars came to Milwaukee to buy votes with cigarettes; in 2000, supporters in Madison used weed killer to carve out a Nazi symbol on a Bush supporter's lawn; in 2004 on Election Day they slashed the tires of vans meant to be used by Republicans to get out the vote. And of course, when they get caught they say it's the Republicans that are suppressing the vote. Let's not forget it's the Democrats that fight tooth and nail to stop any voter ID law. I take this very personally because my one vote is taken away by double voters. Now Gov. Jim Doyle is rigging elections with the help of Democrats on the State Election Board — the Doyle campaign lawyer who gave the board their marching orders and the Doyle-appointed judge who furthers this insult on the Wisconsin voters. Democrats stand for gay marriage, adoption by gays, state funded abortions, partial birth abortions, life not death for the most vicious killers on earth but death for pre-born babies, tax increases, lawsuits on honest businessmen and farmers, a cut and run policy on the war on terror, and the list goes on. Now, please make a difference and get out to work for Mark Green in any way you can. James D. Kiser Vice chair of the Republican Party of Fond du Lac County Fond du Lac
I'm sure you've noticed the mistake. Hey, let's just say it was a typo, ok? It was 2004, not 2000 when the yard was "burned".