Tuesday, October 03, 2006

In Madison

I have a meeting tomorrow, so I came to Madison tonight. Yes, I know, Waupun is barely an hour from the capital, but since I don't function well in the morning, and no one wants me on the roads when I'm half asleep, it just makes more sense. So, I'm driving over here, minding my own business, and of course, there's got to be a moron crawling up my butt. What is it about my rear that so many people want to run up it? YEESH! Yes, of course I drive like an ol' broad, but when there is no other car in sight, why can't these fools go around me? Why do they have to be so bloomin' close I can't even see their headlights? grrrrrrr I finally get here and my car just automatically pulled into the mall. I think it smells "shopping available", so MUST go in that direction. Naturally, since I'm inside, I must go along. I have no choice! An hour and a half, a purse and pair of shoes later, I finally get to my hotel. Now, only I could see the bloomin' thing, and turn the wrong way. This means I have to get on the clover of I-94 to get back heading in the right direction. I pull into the parking, and low and behold... I can't find the door for registration. Of course I went in the wrong direction again. How can a reasonably intelligent person get lost in a parking lot? I mean if it was some oversized resort, ok, I could possibly understand that, but we're talking just a normal sized hotel here. After going up and down the rows, I see there is actually a way to turn right, drive past the big doors, and get turned around again. sigh... Obviously, all has turned out well, since I'm sitting here in a very nice room, waiting for my Chicken Caesar salad to be delivered by room service. The good Lord knows, if I tried to go find someplace to grab a bite, I'd end up in Chicago!