Thursday, October 26, 2006

Liberalism is a Mental Disorder

Reading this posting at Anti-Liberal Zone, I started thinking that perhaps we really have been too nice. I don't think we need deprograming centers, just yet, but I do think a few major moonbats need "intervention".
I think that I should thank the liberals in America today for the simple fact that they give me SO MUCH to write about. Like today's article on Liberalism as a Mental Defect and HOW TO FIX IT!. Now I just know some whiny-azz metrosexual, purse-wearing, nail-filing, primped and pampered liberal man would say I'm full of crap but please, read on.
There is a list of quotes from "Democrats Underground", but I'm going to let you read them over there. I've read some of the things written at scary people and proof of lib hypocrisy, including some of their "rules":
"We welcome Democrats of all stripes, along with other progressives who will work with us to achieve our shared goals. This is a "big tent" message board. We welcome a wide range of progressive opinion. You will likely encounter many points of view here that you disagree with. We ban conservative disruptors who are opposed to the broad goals of this website. If you think overall that George W. Bush is doing a swell job, or if you wish to see Republicans win, or if you are generally supportive of conservative ideals, please do not register to post, as you will likely be banned." Well, so much for the FIRST AMENDMENT over at DU.
What I loved on this post, is his "12-Step Program":
Step 1: LOOK IN THE MIRROR AND JUST SAY IT: "I'M A LIBERAL!" Just admit it. Say out loud that YOU LOVE higher taxes, banning all nasty guns, letting criminals roam freely, and think NAMBLA is one cool bunch of guys. Hey, it's the first step to realizing your moonbattery. Step 2: GET OFF THE DOPE It's killing your critical thinking skills. Knock it off. Step 3: DROP THE VEGAN CRAP Animals are tasty. God made them that way. Enjoy their tasty flesh through BBQ's at that redneck guy's house who you used to hate for killing Bambi every Fall. You'll need the extra protein for the rest of the program. Remember this: VEGETARIAN is an old Indian word for a SH*TTY HUNTER! Step 4: USE FACTS AND LOGIC. Realize that facts and logic hold more sway that your "feelings" or "what you think." You must realize that factual data and provable information is the ONLY way to back up your arguments and positions in life. Just saying Bu$Hitler and running off doesn't cut it Kimberly. Know that RESEARCH is everything and that CNN, NY SLIME,,, democrats underground, etc, are all propaganda with no factual material to back up their claims. This step will be hard for you as it requires WORK and no more cutting and pasting from the above mentioned sites. YOU WILL HAVE TO EXERCISE YOUR GRAY MATTER! Step 5: STAND WITH AMERICA, NOT AGAINST IT. Ok, THIS step is gonna be extremely problematic for your far left peaceniks and hippies. You may actually throw-up admitting that the US is in reality, a beacon of FREEDOM and not an offshoot of Nazi Germany like Michael Mooreon says. Maybe you can visit Arlington or a VA Hospital to see the sacrifices that REAL Americans have made so that YOU have the right to say things like: Bush SUCKS. Bu$Hitler. Kill Bush. etc. Step 6: TAKE AN ECONOMICS CLASS Learn HOW TO explain the simple concept of supply-and-demand. STOP being totally ignorance of basic economics and REALLY learn how the world actually works. YOU WILL NEED THIS concept as the next steps help you overcome your love of commies. Step 7: SAY F*CK NO TO COMMUNISM/SOCIALISM Read a History book on the living conditions in ANY Communist/Socialist nation AFTER your economics class is finished. Some pigs ARE MORE equal than others. Step 8: CORPORATIONS CREATE WEALTH, JOBS, AND A HIGHER STANDARD OF LIVING Capitalism has made this country the SOLE SUPERPOWER both militarily and economically. If you are drawing a paycheck and have a JOB, THANK A CORPORATION! Even the non-profit sector gets THEIR money from corporations through corporate TAXES! YOU MUST UNDERSTAND that making a profit doesn'’t equate to the exploitation of the worker and that it is the BASIC CONCEPT of Capitalism and the progress it has brought to the world. Indeed, Capitalism has created the greatest society in our world’s history. Step 9: STOP REVISING HISTORY Revising history to make people happy and feel good is only a good way to AVOID THE LESSONS OF HISTORY! STOP IT D*MMIT! Yes, Jimmy Carter DID SUCK as a President and YES, Reagan DID DEFEAT Communism. Step 10: THE GOVERNMENT CANNOT DO IT BETTER Realize that government bureaucracy will waste our tax dollars, remeber that bridge to nowhere in Alaska? Why do you think that Hitlary, oops, Hillary's bloated socialist Healthcare plan was voted DOWN by BOTH politicians on BOTH SIDES OF THE AISLE!? Think the government knows best? How about buying a 50.00 toilet seat or a 100.00 claw hammer from me then? Step 10: The EARTH IS NOT DYING. IT IS NOT YOUR MOMMY. IT DOESN'T NEED PROTECTION. Just STEP AWAY from the crackpipe and forget about the Enviro-terrorist organizations like ELF and ALF to which you belong. FOLLOW STEP TWO and RESEARCH through the bullsh*t on Global Warming. Leave OTHER PEOPLE's PROPERTY ALONE. If Al Gore is FOR IT, you can bet it's 100% BULLSH*T. Trust me on this. Step 12: SPREAD THE WORD: Drag a liberal to your house and make them read this. Convert them. Make them SEE THE LIGHT. They WILL thank you for it one day. God knows, LESS liberals equals a STRONGER AMERICA!
Like I said, I don't think we need to open clinics to address this blight on society just yet, but if we all helped just ONE liberal to see the light, well then..... :)