Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Love That Sandy!

We have two ladies running for state office this year who, IMHO, are absolutely terrific. Rep. Jean Hundertmark (candidate for Lt. Governor) is one of the most down to earth, intelligent woman I've ever met. Sandy Sullivan (candidate for WI Secretary of State) is the other most down to earth, intelligent woman. Conversations with both ladies are sure to inform and entertain. Now Sandy has become world famous. I kind of doubt that's what she had in mind when she wrote her book or decided to run for office, but there she is, gracing the pages of well known newspapers in places other than Wisconsin. Come to think of it, I don't think I've seen too many articles about her campaign in the better known papers of Wisconsin. Hmmmm.... Wisconsin, What a Race
For absolute intrigue, fascination, and sheer fun, the best race of this mid-term election just might be the contest for Wisconsin's secretary of state, an office most people in that state are not even sure exists. Forget Messrs. Foley and Hastert. Forget Messrs. Cuomo and Pirro. Forget Messrs. Lamont and Lieberman. The Wisconsin race pits a neophyte Republican against an incumbent Democrat with the most famous political name in the state.The Democrat, Doug LaFollette, has held that office practically unopposed for close to three decades. But it turns out the challenger, Sandy Sullivan, has some interesting connections of her own.
Didn't LaFollette actually change his last name so he could utilize the distant cousin connection? I think I heard that somewhere....might or might not be true.
Ms. Sullivan, now a widow, is an entrepreneur. She has started small and successful businesses on her own including three tanning salons bringing in over one million dollars in revenue and, of course, is a published author. She is feisty, energetic, and refreshingly honest. Although Ms. Sullivan insists her book is not about her love affairs but the love affair Wisconsin had for those Packers, she stands by her past with forthrightness and pride. "A lot of people think it's the whole team that I went out with," says Ms. Sullivan."We were kids and we were having a great time rollicking. I've always kept a very strong moral compass and I was always a lady." One former paramour, Paul Hornung, agrees. He wrote the forward to her book.As far as her critics are concerned, she suggests they "look in their own closets."
I've always been hesitant about running for any office since I actually ENJOYED my youth. Sandy is making me rethink my reluctance. :) Although, I'm not sure Waupun has an office for "dogcatcher". H/T: Josh Schroeder