Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Outside Influence?

This is starting to annoy me. Today's dishing of crap in the letters to the editor are, no doubt more "form letters". Naturally, we have the required bash Bush: It's time to 'give them all the boot'
Republicans in the White House failed us on 9/11. They are even failing to prevent crime in our children's schools and on the streets of our United States. Congressmen Mark Green and Jim Sensenbrenner have taken their marching orders from the team of Bush, Cheney, Rove and Hastert.
"Marching orders? What a crock! Even if that were true, which it's not, that's much better than taking marching orders from the likes of George Soros! They just can't get over the idea that Gore lost!
Their lust for power is so strong it has overwhelmed their sense of morality and decency. They cut funding to prevent school violence.
Lust for power? Who is it that was picking out curtains for her new office after the Democrats regained control? Throwing money at the problems in schools does not eliminate the problems.
There's rank corruption, their refusal to change course in Iraq even though our men and women in uniform are dying because of their incompetence, and now the Foley cover up. Spending $2 billion per week in Iraq, we have had to cut police services here. We need to protect our children and our country from these Republicans.
Sure, let's throw Foley into every mass mailing. Republicans were the first to condemn the pervert, however I don't remember any uproar about the murderer, or the REAL pedophile (Stubbs). Soldiers aren't dying because of Republican incompetence, they're dying because there are bad guys over there. My guess is, the Dems rooted for the bad guys in the black hats from the old cowboy movies..."they were just misunderstood...had bad parents...."....yada yada yada.
The Republican party can't even protect our food supplies.
What? What do Republicans have to do with the recent spinach problem?
Let's give them all the boot. That's the only way they'll be held accountable for their misdeeds. George A. Clark Hartford
Hartford isn't even in the county. sigh... I do believe every one should be held accountable for "misdeeds". So, when do we get to hold the Dems accountable? Hopefully, common sense will prevail. The second letter is just as... well, nasty... hitting on the Marriage Amendment.