Sunday, October 15, 2006

Principle Resigns

Minn. Principal Who Shot Kittens Resigns Well, that got my attention! I'm a major cat lover! I have a real serious problem with people who kill animals for "fun". Ok, I get really ticked off at those who hurt children too. People come first, then critters.
A school principal has resigned and could face felony firearm charges after he shot and killed two orphaned kittens on school property last month. Wade Pilloud, who resigned as principal of the K-12 Indus school, 40 miles west of International Falls, said he shot the kittens to spare them from starving to death after their mother was killed in an animal trap.
Ok, I don't agree with his method, but I can understand his reasoning. There are better ways to keep kittens from starving than shooting them.
The incident happened Sept. 21, and several students still on the grounds for after-school activities heard the shots. "There were parents who felt, apparently some rather strongly, that there were concerns about the safety of their children," said Joseph Flynn, an attorney for the South Koochiching/Rainy River School District. "The district's position is that safety was not compromised." John Mastin, acting sheriff in Koochiching County, said Pilloud could be charged with felony possession of a firearm on school property and reckless discharge of a firearm, a misdemeanor.
Say WHUT?? This is a rural area, right? If those kids had never heard gun shots, then I question what kind of hunting they have up there....snipe?
Mastin said the shooting put no one in danger but said Pilloud used "poor discretion and poor timing," especially amid the growing fear of gun violence in schools.
I'm sure there's a LOT of over reacting here. No kids were shot. They didn't see the kittens being shot. What's the problem? One thing for sure, if the principal is armed, I can pretty much guarantee no nutjob would have come in there and shot kittens AND kids.