Sunday, October 01, 2006

Small Town Voting

If you live in a small town, 5000 or less, you need to re-register to vote. Luckily for me, Waupun counts the prison population, so I don't need to this time around. :) Voter registration required for town, village residents
Residents of all Fond du Lac County towns and villages must register to vote if they did not fill out a voter registration form on or after Sept. 14, 2004. Towns and villages in the county did not have voter registration in the past. Voters must register even if they have voted in the same location for years. Residents of the cities of Fond du Lac, Ripon and Waupun do not need to register again if they have been a registered voter in the past unless they have moved or changed their name. Voters are encouraged to register before election day because lines at the polling place on election day for registration are expected to be long.
Long lines eh? I hope that means that new voters will be working to "Dump Doyle", lose Lawton, and kick Kathleen to the curb. :) The best way to get all the right, read the rest, and call your county clerk to get accurate information.