Monday, October 09, 2006

South Korea 'suspends aid shipment to North'

SOUTH Korea has suspended a scheduled shipment of aid supplies to North Korea in reaction to the communist country's nuclear test, Yonhap news agency said today. "A ship was scheduled to depart from Donghae port carrying 4000 tons of cement on Tuesday, but we decided to delay the shipment under the current circumstances,"” the unification ministry told Yonhap, requesting anonymity. South Korea suspended regular aid shipments to its impoverished communist neighbour after the North's missile tests in July. But the following month it announced a one-off $US230 million ($310.12 million) emergency aid package after severe floods hit the North.
Ok, here's comes the cold hearted b*tch. Why on earth has South Korea been supporting North Korea? I ask this same question of the US supporting countries who hate us - still no logical answer.