Friday, October 06, 2006

The Turtle War: Socialism Keeps Some Animals Scarce

Don't you find it interesting that we aren't the only ones comparing the environmental whackos to socialism? :)
If people were not allowed to own chickens and if chicken eggs and meat could not be legally sold, how many chickens would there be? The reason chickens, cattle, catfish, and goldfish are not endangered is because they are owned by private parties, bred and raised in captivity, and sold for commercial profit -– hence there are billions of these animals. The poor sea turtle is endangered precisely because the global environmental lobby refuses to let sea turtles be commercially farmed and marketed.
Sometimes, leaving nature to do what it does defeats the purpose of the environmentalists. A good example of this are all the fires that could be prevented by clearing out the underbrush.
Sea turtles, like many animals and fish not raised in farms, are over-exploited because no one owns them; and as a result, their numbers in the wild have been declining for hundreds of years. The turtles also have been suffering from a loss of habitat. Their nesting areas, tropical beaches, are also preferred by humans for living and leisure. Human activities, such as boating, fishing and beach sports, take their toll of turtle eggs and hatchlings. As the human population grows, particularly in tropical beach areas, the turtle is increasingly pushed out. The solution put forward by many environmentalists was to ban any global trade in turtle products, which was eventually accomplished in the 1970s. The problem is the turtle does not recognize national borders, and hence protection does not work because low-income countries have little incentive or means to stop turtle poaching or more profitable uses for beach areas.
In other words....leave us the hell alone!
Eventually, the Cayman government took over the farm, which it has now turned into a major tourist attraction and turtle research center. The bad news is that thousands of workers in tropical countries are denied jobs in what could be very profitable agricultural businesses, millions of potential consumers around the globe eat less healthy meats and the poor sea turtle continues to be endangered -– all because of economically ignorant environmentalists and their political sycophants. We know socialism keeps people poor, but socialism (by not allowing private ownership) also keeps many animals unnecessarily scarce.
Yep, they're whackos destroying what they claim to want to protect. The article speaks volumes!