Tuesday, October 17, 2006

We need the guts to say no to Rice

Sadly, I'm becoming more disenchanted with SoS Condeleeza Rice. I honestly believed she was strong enough to stand up to some of the more dangerous regimes, but that pesky "diplomacy" thing seems to be getting in the way. When she said that the Palies are being occupied, I could only shake my head in disbelief. Israel has been a staunch ally, the only REAL democracy in the Middle East.
Prime Minister Ariel Sharon and his successor Ehud Olmert justified unilateral disengagement on the grounds that we were obliged to take initiatives to break the impasse in the absence of a Palestinian peace partner. In order to implement this, 7,500 Israelis were uprooted from their homes and even now, a year later, most have yet to be permanently resettled. Subsequent events, climaxing with the Lebanon war, demonstrated the disastrous repercussions arising from this policy. Today our enemies are emboldened. Some even believe their dream of destroying the Jewish state may now be realized.
This isn't just a Palestinian goal! Destroying Israel is the goal of almost every Muslim country in the Middle East. Even some in our own country wouldn't shed a tear if it were wiped off the map, and every citizen murdered.
Once again it is urging us to bolster the "moderate" Mahmoud Abbas, president of the Palestinian Authority. THE REALITY is that despite wearing a suit and tie and talking to Westerners like a moderate, Abbas is simply paying lip service to a two-state policy - with the caveat that it must incorporate the "right of return" of Arab refugees; a prescription for our demise. (...) Mothers of suicide bombers appeared on official PA TV exulting the martyrdom of their sons; PA broadcasts of sermons in mosques called on congregants to kill Jews; schools, kindergartens and summer camps brainwashed children into accepting suicide bombers as ultimate role models.
I guess there isn't any such thing as a "moderate" Palestinian. It's impossible to have peace with people who want you dead. The only way is to change their hearts, or destroy them. Those who brainwash children to "die for the cause" will get NO sympathy from me. Where's the outrage from child advocates, the so called human rights groups, etc? This is an excellent column, a bit long though. Read it anyway!