Sunday, September 17, 2006

A Difference of Opinion

How you see things all depends on your own perception of reality. I guess both the Green and Doyle camps saw the debate on Friday though a much different pair of glasses than I did. The headlines from each candidates website show much about the person and their staff: First: Governor Doyle: The Clear Winner of the Debate Second: Green Demonstrates Leadership to Make Wisconsin Great Again The headlines speak volumes about how the debate was perceived. The content says even more. Doyle's site has two whole sentences about the debate: "Governor Doyle was the clear winner in tonight'’s debate". and "Governor Doyle won because he presented a clear vision for moving Wisconsin forward, and for making life more affordable for middle class and working families". That's it? That's all he's got to say? Where's the substance? How about a little breakdown on just why he feels he won the debate? Instead, the reader is given instructions on how to move the campaign forward. On the other hand, Mark Green's site has much more. "Tonight, Gubernatorial Candidate Mark Green and Governor Jim Doyle participated in the first of three statewide debates. Focused on taxes and the economy, Green took the opportunity to demonstrate his plan to make Wisconsin "“Great Again"” by touting his plan to lower taxes, control spending, and create new high paying jobs. In contrast, Doyle's defensive and uncertain performance highlighted his failed economic agenda and record of raising taxes and increasing spending." Also, "Repeatedly throughout tonight's debate, Jim Doyle brushed aside the concerns of the questions asked by citizens from around the state". Six paragraphs as opposed to two sentences? Substance! Obviously, it's what is IN those paragraphs that matters most, not the number. It seems to me that there's a bit of arrogance on Doyle's part in claiming to win the debate without telling me why he thinks so. I'm afraid I'm going to have to disagree with the Governor on who actually won. Neither did all that great, but I do believe that Congressman Green came away with one in the win column this time around.