Sunday, September 10, 2006

Interesting Commentary

Kevin McCollough has a really interesting column on today titled Pathetic Liberal Sissies. Here are a few snippets:
Unable to compete in the world of free debate with transparent facts, liberals behaved like children this week - proving that in the end national security and even national identity are always subservient to their own ego, reputation, and appearance. (...) Liberals, who in large part are people devoid of true substance and belief, who also have great contempt for God, morality and truth, are often unable to deal with facts that reflect poorly upon them. And using pathetic, self-serving, cry-baby tactics is how they are commemorating this week - the fifth memorial of 9/11. (...) Now that the ugly truth is about to be seen by millions of Americans, and because it will embarrass those in powerful positions, Clinton and his staff demand the facts be changed to assuage the people's opinion of them. (...) But in reigniting this debate over the image of liberals in America, they have exposed themselves as something worse. Not only are they unable to deal with criticism - something that all leaders must do in order to be effective leaders - but they are a true danger to America.
Some of the comments made about this column are pretty "interesting" too. Moonbat central!