Monday, September 04, 2006

Sex and The Classroom

Arrowhead High School is trying "something new". They are offering girls only/boys only classes. What a novel concept! You'd think it had never been tried before, or that it was actually successful. Single-gender education a hit at Arrowhead High
Town of Merton - Enough students applied to participate in Arrowhead High School's experiment with single-gender education that the school will be able to offer boys- and girls-only classes in English and biology in the coming year, school officials said.
It's obvious to me, the students who are actually interested in learning and doing well in class, are those who signed up.
The American Civil Liberties Union, however, has been cold to the idea of single-gender education. Chris Ahmuty, executive director of ACLU of Wisconsin, said the research into such classes is "equivocal" and that his organization would be monitoring Arrowhead's efforts to make sure the school doesn't discriminate. Among the ACLU's concerns is that single-gender education is based on stereotypes about how boys and girls learn.
First big shocker... the ACLU is sticking it's nose in! The second HUGE shocker... boys and girls are different, therefore the way they learn is different. The purpose of education is to actually educate! From nationwide test scores, I'd say someone has been failing miserably. If single gender classrooms are the answer, then to hell with the PC crowd! The fact of the matter is, we are all different. I'm very different from my husband, I'm quite different from my daughter, even though she's female. The idea of pouring everyone into, and out of an exact mold has always been ludicrous. The ACLU, that bastion of communism, has been trying to do just that, and it must stop!