Friday, October 06, 2006

Governor's Debate 2

Ok, I'm going to try to make sense of my notes and hopefully, not come off like a moroon. I've got 3 pages of notes I took while watching the debate. :) The first thing I noticed was one of the gentlemen, John Laabs, was quite stiff and sounded like he could be an announcer for the Twilight Zone. Ok, so that's no major thing, but it did stand out to me. Each candidate did the thank you, thank you thing. Green included his family. Evidently, the Discovery place is pretty cool, cuz they both seemed impressed. Each candidate blamed the other for the negative ads. Green stands behind his, ditto for Doyle. Green offered to sign a "clean campaign pledge", says Doyle refused. Doyle said there was too much illegal money coming from outside the state. Not sure if this was a reference to Green's campaign funds or his own. Both accused the other of starting it first. Schools must be safe. Neither agrees with the idea of teachers carrying guns, but approaches would be different. Green wants to have more kids like Matt Atkinson, Doyle...well, I never did understand what he thought. Violence in Milwaukee. Doyle wants cooperation with law enforcement, stiffer penalties, more funds. Green "crime isn't caused by underspending", more cops, no surrender to the bad guys. UW system, Barrett. Green fan of UW, precious resource, Barrett should be fired, not qualified to teach, spent $26 million on software that doesn't work, kids can't afford tuition. Doyle talks about DC, no fan of Barrett either, should be left up to UW to fire (didn't he appoint a bunch of the regents, or whatever you call them? not sure, just wondering), doubled financial assistance, lower tuition that other Big Ten schools, campaigns against Bush. Abortion rights, Roe V Wade. Doyle says women should make their own choices, definitely pro choice, first trimester is personal choice, 2 trimester is a joint choice - doctor and patient, says Green doesn't believe women should have a choice. Green is pro life, too many women using abortion as a safety net, but is a safety hazard, Doyle is opposed to any restrictions including partial birth abortion and parental consent. Doyle says parental consent is the law and has not worked to overturn it. Public schools and taxpayer frustration. Green says we have great schools and teachers, testing should be uniform throughout the state, 1 out of 3 African Americans will graduate, lift caps on choice, increase funding for charter and kids, merit for good, not bad - change standards. Doyle says education is #1 priority, son and husband of teacher, Green wants to cut $400 million off education budget, cut budget for no child left behind, then he started sort of rambling, so I got confused. Budget. Doyle says he balanced the budget (twice) after inheriting a mess from previous administration, will end year in the black by 80 to 100 million, gave tax relief. Green says Doyle only balance the budget after raiding the transportation fund, and tried to raid other funds, Doyle using "congressional math", will not cut education funds, savings on contracts. Then we have the stem cell argument we've all heard many times before. Again Doyle seems to be saying how wonderful he is, doesn't seem to be answering the question, and I'm confused again. Green talks about retirees leaving the state. Skipping to taxes. If you think taxes are ok, Green says he's not your guy. Doyle says he froze property taxes (then why did ours go up?). Death penalty. Doyle... NO. Green...for heinous crimes, YES. Closing. Doyle: DC fails us. We balance budget, live within means. Stem cells, no turning back. Must support built on research. Green would shut it down. Green: thank you yada yada.... stem cell. Leaders look for answers. Doyle pointing at DC. Dem pres, buck stops here. Doyle...keep passing the buck. We led nation in many ways. Not a good way to conduct ourselves. Ok, does that make any sense? LOL I'm sure I missed quite a bit, but I'm sure you can get the gist of it all.