Friday, October 13, 2006

Nazis: Still Doing Damage in Germany

Why can't we rid the world of such unreasonable hatred? What is it in the human psyche that creates such beings? Student Forced to Wear Anti-Semitic Sign
In an incident that recalls 1930s-era Nazi Germany, a high-school student in Eastern Germany was forced to wear an anti-Semitic sign in the school yard. "In this town I'm the biggest swine because of the Jewish friends of mine," the sign read.
So, your life isn't picture perfect? Make someone else's a living hell! That'll sure fix your problems.
A 16-year-old pupil was seen parading around the yard with a sign hung around his neck. "In this town I'm the biggest swine / because of the Jewish friends of mine," ("Ich bin im Ort das grosste Schwein / ich lasse mich nur mit Juden ein") the sign read.
Nice kids.
Charges of coercion may result, and prosecutors are investigating to determine whether further charges may apply. Investigators are also considering an alternative explanation involving the youth completing a test of courage.
A test of courage?
The sign's message recalls Nazi-era Germany after Hitler and his party took over power in 1933 -- and particularly the 1935 Nuremberg racial purity laws, which prohibited Germans from having sexual relations with Jews. Women who slept with Jewish men were often forced to parade through town wearing signs bearing such slogans. A well-known picture of a woman wearing such a sign appears in German school books and may be the source for Thursday's incident.
"Teach your children well", to quote Crosby, Stills and Nash. Doing a great job there people!
During the recent state election campaigns in Mecklenburg-Lower Pomerania and in Berlin, candidates from both the center-left Social Democrats and the center-right Christian Democrats were attacked by neo-Nazis. The neo-Nazi National Democratic Party of Germany (NPD) won 7.3 percent of the vote.
Just what the world needs, on top of the hatred of Muslim extremists, a Fourth Reich.