Friday, October 13, 2006


Again, we see just how ridiculous the left can be. There was a "response" to Jim Kiser's letter in the Distorter this morning. Party leader's letter
This is in regards to the outlandish editorial by James D. Kiser, the vice chair of the Fond du Lac County Republican Party. This sounds like a party that has nothing to offer but trying to paint the other guy as the bad person. I do not agree with everything that the Democratic Party does, but the thing that I like about it is that there is always a debate about what is right. In Mr. Kiser's article, they are right and everyone else is wrong. I think he forgot who is in the majority in Congress and who holds the White House. Mark Green offers nothing new to the people of Wisconsin, other than he is a Republican clone. The Republican party is about instilling fear in voters, and sadly it has worked the past two elections. Change is always needed, but we are better off with Jim Doyle as governor. Kevin Cardinal Oshkosh
If this wasn't so pathetic, it'd be laughable! Since when are the Republicans the ones who spout doom and gloom, "distilling fear in voters"? Is it so difficult for the small minds of the lefties to understand we WANT everyone, who is eligible, to vote. We'd like them to vote in our direction, but even if they don't, everyone should vote.....ONCE! Maybe that's why they think we're trying to instill fear? Because we don't want to let them vote "early and often"? And that we should punish those who don't follow the law? Hmmmm.... Voting is a privilege, a duty, for every single one of us, over the age of 18, and a legal citizens. The abuses of the left are numerous, and well known. Jim didn't state anything that wasn't true. So, what was so "outlandish"?