Monday, October 09, 2006

North Korea Wants Congratulations

When was the last time the US tested a nuke? Hmmm.... wonder if it's time to see if we still have the skills to flatten a city or two... in North Korea.
UNITED NATIONS (AP) -- The U.N. Security Council should congratulate North Korea for its nuclear test instead of passing "useless" resolutions or statements, North Korea's U.N. ambassador said Monday.
Useless resolution? I didn't know there were any other kind out of the UN.
"It will be better for the Security Council of the United Nations to congratulate the DPRK scientists and researchers instead of doing such notorious, useless and rigorous resolutions or whatever," Pak said, referring to the North by its formal name, the Democratic People's Republic of North Korea.
Yep, let's all pat the little Chia Dic-tator on the head.
"The nuclear test in the DPRK will greatly contribute in increasing the world deterrence of the DPRK" and will contribute "to the maintenance and guarantee of peace and security in the peninsula and the region," he said.
Is it me, or does that NOT make any sense? NK having nukes is a way for security and peace? Oh yeah, right up there with let's ban all guns so there won't be any gun violence...except for the bad guys.