Saturday, October 07, 2006

Not a Bad Idea! :)

News Analysis: Democracy, Thai style - Ban the politicians
BANGKOK Sometime in the next few weeks, 100 delegates from around Thailand will gather here to draft a new constitution, a fresh start for the country after the military coup last month. But first the ground rules: Politicians need not apply. Politics is a dirty word in many countries, but mistrust runs so deep here that those who have been members of political parties or have held political office during the past two years are banned from doing what would in other countries be seen as their primary job: writing the supreme law of the land. "This is democracy Thai style, not European style," said Pramuan Ruchanaseree, the co-founder of the Pracharat political party and thus disqualified from taking part. "No one trusts politicians."
Perhaps we could learn something from the Thais? :) Obviously, we can't exactly do what they did, but it's not a bad idea to send our "politicians" a message, like we're really pissed off!