Saturday, October 07, 2006

Bad Guys in Schools

There's been much ado lately about teachers and other school officials, being able to carry guns in the schools. Rep. Frank Lassee has made a lot of national news as being the one who introduce this idea. All around the blogosphere, there are pros and cons being discussed. Well, I'm going to weigh in with a few thoughts. :) Lucky you! A little personal background first. I am pro gun. No surprise there, since it's right up there in my profile. I'm a life member of the NRA. I've never owned a gun in my life. I fired a .22 when I was 12 and actually hit the tin can a couple of times. I fired a shotgun once, when I was 15 and landed on my ass, resulting in bruises on both ends. Other than that, no experience. My dad was a hunter, but way back when, it wasn't an activity young, well bred, southern ladies were allowed to participate. At least not in our household! After the rash of shootings in school in recent years, people are wringing their hands wondering what to do....what to doooooo. Well, Rep. Lassee comes up with a logical response, and is being crucified. We've made schools "no gun" zones, yet armed gunmen are entering our schools in increasing numbers. That obviously isn't working. A little sign posted on the grounds doesn't make the bad guy stop and say "Oh, no guns allowed? I'll go find some other place to terrorize and shoot people" as he calmly walks away. Nope, as much as we think all those dogooder ideas help, they flat out don't. So, here we have an idea....train select teachers, the school staff (train them WELL) and arm them. It makes total sense to me. There are many reasons to argue against arming teachers, but one that does worry me...are the teachers psychologically sound? I have a lot of gripes about our public school system these days, and do question the rationality of many who are teaching the kids. Obviously, we wouldn't want the left wing moonbats indoctrinators armed. Odds are, they'd refuse anyway. They'd much rather see their students die than protect them a firearm. IF the teachers were armed randomly, if it wasn't the same teachers every day, no one would know who was armed and who wasn't. It's the same idea for the concealed carry. The bad guys wouldn't know if their "victim" was armed, so would think twice. Isn't it time we all stopped being victims? Especially our kids!