Sunday, October 01, 2006

The Sovreign Nation of ..... Vermont?

It seems that a few folks in Vermont aren't happy with the state of affairs these days, so they're going to have a meeting to discuss seceding from the Union. Here’s to Vermont republic
Up in Vermont, a tiny independence movement is planning what organizers call the First North American Secessionist Convention for the first weekend in November. Delegations from similar niche movements around the country are expected. The meeting room is said to hold 50 people. Which is not much bigger than a phone booth. Vermont could indeed secede - if the rest of the states would let it, which we doubt. The precedent of 1861 is not encouraging. But why do the would-be seceders (8 percent of the state’s population, according to one poll) want to do it and what would they gain? They seem to be in a panic and haven’t thought things through.
This should be interesting! If something annoys you, check out. Isn't that what the '60's taught us? Sad, but amusing.