Monday, September 11, 2006

Terrorism in Fond du Lac?

Give me a bloomin' break! With all the things the federal government could be spending money on, like border security for example, Homeland Security gave Fond du Lac County a million bucks? Terrorism unlikely in region
Fond du Lac County has received nearly $1 million in Homeland Security grants, but it's unlikely terrorists are planning an attack here, county officials say. "We've been told that Wisconsin is second from the bottom as far as being a threatened community," said Tony Zelhofer, deputy director of the County Communications and Emergency Management Department. Despite the low threat of terrorism in the county, Homeland Security dollars still have value, he said. The grants have helped Fond du Lac County upgrade its emergency management capabilities, which would not only help in terrorist situations but also in severe weather, accident and "homegrown terrorist" emergencies.
Oh yeah, I've no doubt Fond du Lac has found ways to spend money, but the idea that little FdL has any need for federal money meant to keep the nation safe from terrorism just boggles the mind. How many feet of fence would that million have built? How many other small communities have been "invaded" by illegals because we aren't protecting our borders? How many of the REALLY bad guys have snuck in with other illegals who "just want a better life"? Someone needs to be smacked upside the head a couple of times!