Sunday, October 15, 2006

Oh, the INhumanity!

Have you thought about what Congress would look like if the Democrats won the majority? The folks over at The Liberal Lie, The Conservative Truth sure have.
Speaker - Nancy Pelosi - as speaker this would also place her third in line for the Presidency which sends chills down my spine. She has a very radical left view and has indicated time and agains that she favors immediate pull out from Iraq regardless of the consequences, eliminating the tax cuts, socialized madical care, returning the pursuit of terrorists to the courts and one on one talks with North Korea. Judiciary - John Conyers - Conyers has been attempting for quite some time to bring impeachment charges against the President. Based on no evidence and formed by his anger toward Bush only. As Chairman of the Judicary Commitee he has already indicated that he would seek impeachment which of course will accomplish nothing other than tying the hands of the White House up in answering demands for information and showing up for hearings to the point that over the final two years of the Bush administration more time wll be spent answering Conyers than doing the business of the country and especially the war effort. Ways and Means - Charlie Rangel - though a very liberal, liberal Rangel is very honest in what he says and does not beat around the bush in what he will do. He has stated that he will repeal all of the Bush tax cuts and will raise taxes period. By the way he would also chair the Joint Commitee on Taxation. Energy and Commerce - John Dingell - Dingell is also a liberals, liberal who firmly believes in regulation for regulations sake. Not only would he regulate big and small business but in doing so we would kiss this strong economy goodbye as regulation would stop business growth and thus stagnate the economy. Intelligence - Jane Harman - she believes that terrorists are only criminals and as such should be handled by the court with indictments. Whether they are caught or not does not matter because they will shake in their boots when they learn of the federal indictment from The United States. She is also opposed to any type of interrigation of terrorists other than simple questioning. Majority Leader - John Murtha - if you think this loud mouth who continually insults our military and those who serve is vocal now imagine how he would be as Majority Leader. His mug would be in front of every camera and before every mike and our troops would suffer the most with his false desimated military rhetoric.
Now, if that mental image is not enough to get you off your duff and start working to keep the Republicans in control, nothing will! Note: typos are not mine! :)